Bioprotective ingredient

For a food safety improvement

Meat producer challenges

Meat producers are today facing issues with bacterial infections at the site of production of meat products and packaging. There is a lot of pressure from consumers for meat products to be made with less additives and less harsh processing, but at the same time the food needs to be safe. Avoiding traditional preservatives comes with the increased risk of contaminating the meat with bacteria such as salmonella, campylobacter, E. coli, listeria species among many others.

Current less efficient solutions

Efficient cleaning and a hygienic process chain is really important to maintain safe food production. However, using a bio protection solution enhances the effectiveness of good sanitation, it reduces the risk of infection as part of mishandling, but also prolongs the shelf life of the products compared to not using a protective solution.

TekInn solution

The solution consists of bio protective solutions that inhibit and ensure that bad bacteria does not spoil the food and increasing food safety.
The material could be applied by dipping meat pieces into the liquid solution right before packaging, or at any point during the meat production line.
The material is made by the unique good bacteria of Tekinn, and is made by fermentation of plant based raw material, leading to a natural and sustainable product.

Our offer

Tekinn offers to provide the meat producer a sample of the material to test to apply to meat products to analyse its protective effects and efficiency. If interested, Tekinn suggests a pilot test where the material is provided to the meat producer to be used to prolong the shelf life of meat products. 

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Other application examples


Convert any side streams into a pro-biotic ingredient which could be used by skin care and cosmetic producers as an active ingredient to improve the skin’s health and natural defense.

Food fiber

Convert plant based side streams into nutritious digestible fibers and proteins to be used as a food ingredients for novel food products with health benefits.

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