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Skin Health

Skin conditions has a serious impact on people’s quality of life. 25% of Females and 19% of males in the adult population of Sweden reported the use of a dermatological product for their problems. At the same time, people are more and more concerned about the environmental impact of the cosmetic products they are using and favors natural ingredients. 

People want new solutions that covers their sustainability concerns while also actively resolving their skin issues.



Growing awareness about probiotic as a beneficial element and concerns regarding skin problems, is the key factor driving this growth

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of adults has some skin issues just in Sweden.

7.5% Hand Eczema
11.6% Other eczema
10.3% Acne

3.9% Psoriasis
3.1% Urticaria
10% Other issues

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of the consumers prioritize products containing sustainable ingredients and the awareness of sustainable manufacturing is growing.

Industry challenges

Active and effective ingredients to improve skin health are very expensive to manufacture, or often unsafe and could effect the natural flora on the skin negatively. 

Other extracted natural ingredient from plant based raw material requires expensive extraction methods, and is limited to a small selection of rare plants.

Probiotic/alive bacteria has a very short lifespan as ingredient and very hard to remain active in skin cream products. This means limited life as bulk material for industry such as ingredient suppliers and cream producers, and limited shelf life on the store, and at home for consumers. 

TekInn solution

Ingredient consists of post-biotics, such as peptides, that exhibit antimicrobial and antifungal activity and at the same time act in bio harmonic compatibility with the skin’s own bacterial flora.

The bacteria, when induced by our unique complex, could ferment various plant based residues from industry to express and secrete the post-biotic mixture, leading to an abundance of raw material for a minimum cost, and low production costs.

The ingredient is much less susceptible for degradation compared to similar solutions. Industry customers could keep the material in bulk for years and ready at anytime to be used as an ingredient.

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Our Post-biotics and peptides benefits

  • Stop microbial activity and hinder biofilm formation by bad bacteria (staphylococcus, streptococcus, propionibacterium) and fungi. Preventing skin issues as acne, eczema, rosacea etc.
  • Feed and promote the good bacteria.
  • Boosting the skin cells immune system.
  • Moisterize and prevent dry skin with released oils.
  • Soothing inflammation and smoothing skin texture.

What are postbiotics, and how are they different from probiotics and prebiotics?

Probiotics, prebiotics and postbiotics are an invisible tag team that live on the skin, working together to maintain its health.

  • Probiotics are living good bacterias.
  • Prebiotics is food for probiotics.
  • Postbiotics are a bi-product (what they leave behind) of the probiotics, all of which are essential for a balanced microbiome (a healthy skin).

Our offer

Please contact us to receive samples of the active ingredient to evaluate its suitability in your products. We also offer to evaluate any identified side stream of material to become a raw material for your new ingredients.

Other application examples


Convert side streams into a Bioprotective solution which is applied by meat producers to inhibit bacterial growth, prolonging shelf life and increasing food safety.

Food fiber

Convert plant based side streams into nutritious digestible fibers and proteins to be used as a food ingredients for novel food products with health benefits.

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